slow search


Gnumeric 1.2, part of the the slackware 9.1, running under Gnome 2.4,
is very slow to search.  Searching for a string in  sample
fn-random.gnumeric spreadsheet, part of the Gnumeric 1.2 source
distribution takes about 12 seconds.  My machine is a PIII 600MHz,
128MB RAM.  We set up an AMD 2GHz, 256MB RAM machine the same way and
search times were similar.  String searches on larger spread sheet
(20000 rows)  take around 40 seconds.  Too slow to be of any use.

This Gnumeric, and Gnome 2.4 were Slackware distribution binaries, not
compiled by me.

Is this normal speed?  Are there any remedies?

Thanks for any help.

--Kirill Sapelkin znanie rawbw com

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