Re: updated python howto


Thanks for these docs on using gnumeric with python, I've done a bit of
digging around with python and gnumeric + these docs would have saved me
loads of time.

More generally, I've wanted to extend the python support within gnumeric
for some time + started hacking around a bit but haven't devoted as much
time to this as I'd like.

What I'd really like to be able to do is to have a gnumeric module that
I could load into >any< python shell (ie build a gnumeric extension to
python), which would allow me to read/write/manipulate gnumeric
spreadsheets.  (cf the way you can talk to Excel by using the win32com
extensions for python).

I'm planning to spend some time at Guadec next week (i work in Dublin,
so there is no excuse really) + hopefully will be able to get together
with folks to figure out the best way forward with this stuff.

I may also be able to persuade the company I work for to sponsor some of
this work.  python + gnumeric is an awesome combination.


On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 04:33, Charles R. Twardy wrote:
Thanks to Jon for corrections about naming. I also added links to the
example files and hopefully made it a little clearer. 

The updated Python HowTo is at:

Now maybe I'll figure out how to write some *interesting* python
functions. :-)
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