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<DIV>Hi all,</DIV>
<DIV>I am new to Gnumeric. I am a&nbsp; software consultant. In one my project we need to make Pivot Table 
(facility available in MS-Excel) from TRU64 Unix environement. I came to know from some of my friends that 
Gnumeric can do this activity.</DIV>
<DIV>I would be grateful if I can get a help on the following :-</DIV>
<DIV>From where to download the Gnumeric &amp; Installation Doc</DIV>
<DIV>How to get into Gnumeric</DIV>
<DIV>How to make Spreadsheets</DIV>
<DIV>How to make Pivot tables.</DIV>
<DIV>Thanks &amp; Regards</DIV>
<DIV>&nbsp;</DIV><p><hr SIZE=1>
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