Gnumeric 1.1.18

Gnumeric 1.1.18 aka 'Light at the End of the Tunnel' is now available.

    Its been 4 months since we last announced a release, and this one is worth
    the wait.  There's so much in here its hard to know where to start.
    At long last a gtk2 based charting engine is in place.  An MS Excel
    importer is tied in, and its ready to test.  Guppi did more, but
    this is already better than the Gnumeric-1.0.x wrapper for Guppi.
    The data allocation is much stronger, and easily handles things
    like vector size changes, and missing values.  The rest of the
    features should fall into place shortly.

    In addition, the text import/export code is getting its long awaited spring
    cleaning.  With the addition of a nice encoding selector, and lot of
    internal improvements,  its now lighter, faster, and more utf8 aware.

    Other highlights include
        - lots of bug squashing in preparation for 1.2
        - Multi-screen support
        - performance tuning
        - more HIGification
        - An initial Hebrew translation and some work on RTL support
    Look at the size of the NEWS log and marvel.

    Please start testing this release and submitting bugs.   I'd like to
    compress the beta cycle as much as possible.  The sooner you report the
    problem the sooner we can fix it.  Our avid QA team dredged up 67 bugs in 3
    days and less than twenty, mostly enhancement requests, remain. 

    NOTE : This will (hopefully) be the last release before feature freeze.
         The charting engine needs a few more bells before we can lock it down.

    NOTE : release 1.1.17 aka 'less fun than a gal stone' was not announced due
           late breaking bugs, we recommend against using it.

        * Some more utf-8 cleaning in the stf parsers.
        * Improve the encoding selector by only showing
          supported encodings
        * Some small improvements to the Text Import dialog

Ben Liblit:
        * Move the various compile time paths into a generated header.

Emmanuel Pacaud:
        * HIG compliant quit dialog.

Jean Brefort:
        * Initial version of gradient editor for chart style page.

        * More work on graphs.
        * Set alwaysCalc flag when xls exporting dynamic dependencies.
        * Fix HIG-ification of validation page in fmt dialog
        * Add some mnemonics to the new and improved file open dialog.
        * Finish conversion of default font to Sans 10
        * Fix
        * Fix rangesel on other sheet in with of sheet local names
        * Fix recalc on undo of cut-paste of interior of range
        * Sheet data -> charts begins working.
        * Some minor tweaking for xls escher import to handle gradients
        * Clean up edit item, and support spanning autocompletion
        * Fixes for sheet object dependencies.
        * Fixes for chart series generation.
        * Basic Pie & Bar/Col plots.
        * Initial xls import for new plots (no formatting).
        * Have HTML exporters handle utf8.
        * Extend layout engine in GogChart.
        * Nice redraw speedup for images and charts.
        * Fix undo bug for moving merged regions (yummy).
        * Support Move with cells flag for sheet object.
        * Text in charts.
        * Fix lots of bugs in the run up to a beta.
        * Fix undo of defining an existing named expression placeholder.
        * Simplify the recently used file stuff in preparation for egg.
        * Fix months old stupidity in my lobotomization of gconf wrapper.
        * Remove deprecation from canvas items.
        * Finished first pass at an xml SAX based exporter, still rough around
          the edges.

        * New function COLUMNNUMBER.
        * Fix ABRs in imported pcre code.
        * Leak fix for gnumeric xml saving.
        * Leak fix for character encoding selection.
        * Fix stf import crash for empty files.
        * Improve generation of binomial and negative-binomial random
        * Fix stf dialog problem with WM close.
        * Make stf export quoting UTF-8 safe.
        * Make stf export cell separation UTF-8 safe.
        * Improve generation of NaN, -Inf, and +Inf.
        * Fix 112330.
        * Handle character set aliases, more or less.
        * Improve remote-DISPLAY start-up time by getting rid of calls to
          deprecated gtk_style_get_font function.
        * Start getting rid of use of deprecated features.
        * Multihead support.
        * Fix crash for analysis tools on initial failure.
        * Speed up stf import.
        * Rewrote stf importer to be GtkTreeView/GPtrArray based instead
          of GnomeCanvas/GList.
        * Fix a ton of stf bugs.


Gnumeric 1.1.17

        * Add character encoding menus to the file selector
        * Handle specified encoding for csv/tsv files
        * Handle specified encoding for configurable text import
        * Fix csv parsing (#80806), finally
        * Fix #100529, #78355, #99649

Ben Liblit:
        * Support for automake 1.6.x
        * Modernize the rpm .spec file

Emmanuel Pacaud:
        * Add encoding selector to stf export

        * Improve handling of files with content type != extension
        * A few small bugs in XL97 export.
        * Simplify defining new services
        * Work on graphs
        * Fix xbase importer
        * Add motion compression for high speed scrolling
        * Fix elapsed hour format
        * Make the edit item smarter at the right edge
        * Handle saving too many merged cells for 1 xls record
        * Fix internal hashing bug with styles containing auto colors
        * Improve update semantics of ExprEntry in preparation for graphs
        * Make sheet_get_extent span when needed.
        * Fix old bug exposed by alex's fix to mapping in foocanvas.

        * Added shuffling tool.
        * Added `Edit'->`Fill'->`Series...' filling tool like in XL.
        * Added scenario tools.

Martin Hoffmann:
        * Fix autocompletion in the face of multi-byte characters.

        * Make RenderedValue use a PangoLayout for storing the contents
          of a cell.  (Operation Snappiness, Part 3.)
        * Make mstyle cache pango attributes.  (Operation Snappiness,
          Part 4.)
        * Make sure our pango contexts have language set.  (Operation
          Snappiness, Part 5.)
        * Shave off a few cycles here and there.
        * Improve progress display when loading.
        * Eliminate rendered_text from struct RenderedValue.  (Operation
          Snappiness, Part 6.)
        * Fix a few stf irritants.
        * Security fix for sample data source plugin.
        * Security fix for oleo plugin.
        * Security fix for sc plugin.
        * Fix gnome print configuration.
        * Fix latex exporter crash.
        * Restore auto-format functionality.  (Automatically supply a format
          to a new cell based on the formula entered.)
        * Work around extremely slow cases in in, e.g., BETAINV.
        * Improve speed of generation of many types of random numbers.
        * Switch regexp routine to pcre.

* Availability

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