Re: style color does not show up in Excel, Is it working with Excel or the feature only in Gnumeric????

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 01:47:08PM -0400, Yan, Charlene wrote:

Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!  Changing the shade value
works.  Do you know where I can find more documentation on gmr
stylesheet specs?  I only have The Gmumeric File Format from  Should I go
ahead and download gnumeric to learn more?

I'm sorry to say that we've never written any.  The entire story is
muddles somewhat in that you're writing xml in gnumeric format that
is being interpretted by an application other than Gnumeric, which
then stores the result in an obscure binary blob (aka xls).  

Reading our source code makes it trivially clear what the format is
doing (gnumeric/src/xml-io.c).  However, how that maps out to xls is
over in an entirely different area.  gnumeric/plugins/excel

We've tried hard to make our lives easier by maintaining a fairly
simple mapping between xls attributes and .gnumeric.  However, as we
delve deeper into the mysteries of MS Excel things get more obscure.

This list is the right place to ask questions about our intent, but
I may not be able to say much once things start depending on actual
implementations.  If you're operating in a unix environment you
could probably use gnumeric to do the conversion directly.  I could
be alot more helpful there.

Good Luck

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