Re: Re: Re: chinese input method collided with gnumeric

The patch posted in bugzilla is usually not for the released version,
but for the CVS version.

You need to wait the next version with the patch
(or hack for yourself ;-)


Hi Nakai,

It seemed that the description of Bug 90082 give a good explaination to my problem.

In the end,Tajima gave a patch to this problem.Whether this path will be applied to the new version of GTK2?

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On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 11:18:03AM +0800, zuowei wrote:
Dear Jody,

   I contacted with the chinese input method author,and he told me
   how to change the enable key of it,then I did it successful and
   change default enable key to ctrl+shift using the method he
   told me.I can use the chinese input method now.

Its good to know that it is possible.

It's not Gnumeric fault but GTK+'s.

GTK+2 passes key events to GTK+2 widgets before immodule,
so immodule cannot get indispensable key combination to input.
This effects not only XIM module but also all immodule, and all

   In fact,all chinese input method's default enable key is
   ctrl+space,I hoped that gnumeric develop team can consider this
   problem,and adjust the accelerator of gnumeric,or like what's
   you said,the accelerator can be editable.  All people using
   chinese input method will be glad to see that.
Do you have access to a chinese version of MS Excel ?  I'd be
interested to know what they do.  Gnumeric did not choose that
accelerator itself.  There were bug reports from MS Excel users
requesting it for compatibility.

I think there is some confution about this. MS-IME assigns different
key combo to start CJK input than that are used in CJK XIM servers.
For example, Japanese MS-IME assigns Alt+Kanji(this key is at backquote
key in English qwerty keyboard) but Japanese kinput2 assigns
Shift+Space, and ATOK12, a Japanese popular commercial input method
do Ctrl+Space. MS-IME seems to keep some key combo policy among
languages, but XIM key combos are different by XIM servers, by
languages, even by distros. Oh no-

Yukihiro Nakai <ynakai redhat com>

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