Re: distributing .gmo files in tarballs

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 03:35:28AM +0200, Tino Meinen wrote:
I did a make dist on todays gnumeric (anonymous) cvs
it produced a tarball size: 15066714 bytes

Then I changed /po/ and /po/ so that DISTFILES
no longer contained $(GMOFILES)
and then after a ./configure redid: make dist.

This produced a tarball that didn't contain the .gmo files.
The size was: 12651626 bytes

So, difference in size with/without .gmo files: 2.3 MB

I understood that it is up to the maintainers of a package to decide if
they want to distribute the .gmo files in their tarballs, and
considering that people who build from tarballs will likely have gettext
and intltools installed, i would argue that it would be worthwile get
rid of the gmo files in the tarballs.

It would save quite a bit of bandwith and download-time, while the
increase in buildtime will be negligible.

I'd be happy to remove them shrinking the download size would be
nice.  Does anyone see a reason not to do this ?  I'll give it a try
in the next release.

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