Re: chinese input method collided with gnumeric

On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 07:11:08PM +0800, gnome wrote:
Dear all,

   I came from China , and were using gentoo 1.4RC4,gnome2 and gnumeric
1.1.19 now. I found a problem that I can't input chinese characters into

  I checked my system about this problem,in fact , I can input chinese
characters in AbiWord or other application ,like gnome-terminal ,
Mozilla etc,with this input method.

  In the end,I found the answer that my chinese input method enable key
(ctrl+space) collided with gnumeric functional key.If I pressed
ctrl+space to enable input method,one column of cell will be all
selected,then input method still was disable.

  Who can tell me how to adjust the functional key of gnumeric,then I
can avoid this problem.That's a big problem for me.Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately that accelerator is actually hard coded. You'd need to
edit source to change it.  When we make the jump to eggmenu after
1.2.0 is released that might become editable but its still fairly
ugly to force people to change it.

Are there other mechanisms that could be used to enable/disable the
input method ?  In edit line's context menu there are input method
selectors.  Would it be sufficient for us to add that to the sheet
context menu ?

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