Re: The docs for gnumeric 1.2

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 11:03:51PM -0700, Adrian Custer wrote:
I've started editing the docs for the upcoming release. Please talk to
me before undertaking major edits. Also anyone planning to work on
translations, please let me know what your feelings were about the
version 1.0 manual. I gather the number of screenshots with text in them
was a pain.

For those who are interested, I'm going to be changing the structure
around to try to make the docs clearer to someone looking at them for
the first time. I want to consolidate the sprawl that we currently have.
I'm aiming for something like:

1 Intro to gnumeric     --- Jody's welcome page + new stuff
2 Intro to the manual   --- how to get around the doc
3 Getting Started       --- mini tutorial
4 The parts of gnumeric --- names and purpose of GUI elements

5 Data and forumlas      --- cells entry/edit(select/copy..)/refs/format
6 Manipulation           --- sort/filtering
7 Constraints
8 Locking

8 Solver
9 Statistical Tools  (rename from "Data Analysis") 

10 Files                 --- saving/autosave/importing
11 Printing
12 Graphing
13 Configuration
14 Plugins

A. Functions

Its time to get cracking on the docs folks.  There is alot of new
stuff to get through.  This seems like a good starting point.  
With the new 1.2 target date set for March there is alot to do.

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