Re: MS Excel shortcuts

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 10:38:11PM +0100, Lutz M?ller wrote:

Are you interested in patches that make gnumeric shortcut-compatible
with MS Excel? Think of <cntrl>-F to toggle the font between bold and
normal, <cntrl>1 to display the cell-format dialog, or <cntrl>! to
format a cell as standard number (like 1,234.56). This should probably
configurable, but writing the framework is beyond my capabilities.

Sure.  We already support already support quite a number of them,
Although not as cleanly as I'd like, we'll tidy that up when moving
to eggmenu one day to be ready for use configurable toolbars.

What would be really useful as a starting point would be a table of
all the accelerators people know of.  There is a document of several
of them, but it is incomplete.


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