Re :Re: libgsf 1.7.2

At :-)
Should of looked their first.

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 22:21, Jody Goldberg wrote:
At this point the OLE and Zip inputs and outputs can be considered
stable and ready for use in production code.  The xml import wrapper
is also at a point where the api is stable and should be usable for
real applications.  Drop your XML-DOM interfaces now don't delay !
Convert now and you'll get a free gift, a semi tested xml export

      * Extend gnome-vfs support to handle uris
      * Ensure large reads and writes happen

      * Start work on some simplified xml export utilities.
      * Extend xml import facilities to support namespaces.
      * Catch invalid OLE files with cycles.
      * Fix exporting OLE files larger than 6.8 Meg

Jon Kåre:
      * Only unset valid GValues when reading msole properties.

      * Fix xml save problem.

Tor Lillqvist:
      * Tweaks for the win32 build.
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