Re: Gnumeric has branched

Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org> writes:

The gnumeric-1-2 branch will continue to receive patches.
I strongly recommend _against_ translating HEAD for the time being.
The function doc format will change shortly.  The new format will be
discussed here, and should decrease the translation load.

1.3.0 already requires gtk-2.3, and is targeted for release with the
rest of gnome-office shortly after gnome-2.6 (possibly for GUADEC ?).

Following Jody's recommendations above, I've put gnumeric-1-2 branch
on the translation status pages now instead of HEAD. I guess it should
stay that way at least until a Gnome 2.6 release, when we (the
translators) should probably switch focus to 1.3/HEAD.

If anyone disagrees, please say so (and for what reasons :), and I'll
revert my changes.


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