Re: Python

pasty_camel wrote:
To the question:
Similar to the effective stiffness of a cracked concrete section, there
methods of determining the bending strength of steel sections which are
useful for various beam configurations, as well as designing columns. Because Excel allows for workbook 
specific macros, I've written a number
of workbooks each of which deal with a different material, timber,
concrete, steel, etc. Each workbook has it's own macros for dealing
with each of the problems specific to each topic.

If you write several separate workbooks for the same material, having
the functions for the materials separate from the workbooks sounds
useful. (Leaving aside the issue of distributing the plugins, I agree
that this is inconvenient). 

A naming convention like STEEL_STIFFNESS, CONCRETE_STIFFNESS could be
used to manage different materials. 


Jon Kåre 

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