Re: Red Hat 9.0 Font question

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 01:45:49PM -0500, Matthew D. Sale wrote:
I'm having trouble with fonts on my laptop running Red Hat 9.0.

2 machines, same spreadsheet:

#1  Red Hat 7.3, gnumeric 1.0.10, desktop machine:  Fonts OK

#2  Red Hat 9.0, gnumeric 1.0.12, laptop:  Fonts have far too
much spacing between characters.  This not only affects viewing,
but printing also.

Any suggestions?

The default locale in RH9 is utf8 based.  Gnumeric 1.0.x was based
on gnome-1.4 which didn't handle utf8 fonts nicely.  You have two

1) Use a locale with single byte encoding such as 'C'
2) Switch to gnumeric-1.1.x that handles all of that smoothly via

Hope that helps

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