Re: graphing in gnumeric

Your timing is excellent.  I've been working on something for
gnumeric for several months and finally started producing usable
code in the last few weeks.  The emphasis is on getting data and
allocation working smoothly within gnumeric, and that is now mostly
done (yay!).  I threw together a cheesy rendering scheme using
FooCanvas and some raw gdk drawing primitives which looks butt ugly.
I'll be replacing it with a libart based approach using something
similar to Jon Trowbridge's libguppi/canvas abstraction later this
week then throwing things into cvs.

Okay, please announce when ready.

It turns out, incidentally, that rendering is only a small part of
the work in plotting, and can be isolated from the rest.
Generally, about 2/3 of the effort goes into setting up the
interactions that allow users to contol the type and shape of the
plots.  It might be useful to give some thought to a specification
of the types of plots that gnumeric wants and the aspects of them
that users should be able to control.  (Maybe there is a sort of
implicit specification in the things that guppi was able to do in
the previous incarnation of gnumeric, but I'm not familiar with it.)


    -- Bill

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