Re: keystroke ^[ for Gnumeric?

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 07:52:49AM -0500, Ross Johnson wrote:
I'm new to Gnumeric.  On Excel, one can use the cntl-left-square-bracket 
^[ to jump to the cell that the selected cell references.  Does Gnumeric 
have a similar feature?  If not, can it be added?

I did not know that feature.  It would be trivial to add.

We already have the converse
    Edit -> Selection -> Depends

the logic for this would not be difficult.  The only trick would be
seeing exactly how XL handles things.  It just selects the
ranges/cells explicitly referenced by an expression ?

- What if there are no references ?  Does it leave the current
  selection in place ?

- How does it deal with calculated ranges/cells ?
    eg =A1:offset(foo)

- Does it reset the selection and select the references or just add
  them to the current selection ?

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