A bug (and you will hate the report)


I hate this bug-report as much as you will do, because I have very
little information about it, and it is not reproducable..

I use Gnumeric 1.1.16, I have used it quite some time, and it works
very well, almost. I use it to set up and fill in my budget and
finace, my privat echonomy. I open the file, punch in some new
numbers, and save/close the file and Gnumeric.

But one day, when I open the file, only 10% of the file was left!
I have made a copy of the file and attached it. It seems that when I
last used Gnumeric, and saved the file, something bad happened. I got
no errormessage or warning. No indication at all.

I am 95% sure that it was not a crash, and Gnumeric was closed as

Have this been a problem? Has anyone seens anything like this before?
Or is it a once in a lifetime experience?

Vidar Hoel - vhoel99 grm hia no

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