Re: Automatic conversion for spreadsheets

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 02:00:54PM +1030, Trevor Nichols wrote:

I've got a number of XLS files that I am using gnumeric to convert into
text format using a number of settings on the export wizard.  I've
looked at the code but can't figure out how to get this to be automated.

There is no code currently to do it.  I've started on a trivial
wrapper to handle it but have never bothered to finish it.  Doing
this in the development tree is quite simple now.
Is this currently possible?  The things I couldn't work out was how to
load up the appropriate code from the plugins to run in a separate
program that I started to write.

Your best bet is to use gnumeric's main-application.c as a template.
that loads everything up.  You can strip out the startup code that
is unnecessary, and tack on a 

  plugin_db_activate_plugin_list (plugins_get_available_plugins (), NULL);

to activate all available plugins.

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