Patch for numbers and currency format

Hello Jody,

I have been quite busy but here I am with a new quick patch. It still needs some work but I'd like you to tell me if the direction is good. Some comments :

o I have created the patch with "cvs diff -u src >~/gnumeric_src.patch", I hope it's OK o Starting to move format generation from src/dialog/dialog-cell-format.c to src/formats.c (for numbers and currency only for now) o Modify CurrencySymbol in src/formats.h to add "precedes" and "has_space". Modify the list of currencies also. (added a currency for euro symbol _after_ the number.)

Help wanted : When you have a currency like this "[$F-30C]" (for french franc for example, seen in Open Office, you have the same in Excel), does "30C" means something ? Is this a standard we can find somewhere ? Should we "steal" the list from OpenOffice (but I think it is too large : you have euros for each country while it's always the same symbol and the same position of the symbol).

Thanks for your comments.


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