Re: Auto-capitalization in gnumeric

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 03:58:36PM -0400, Greg Ward wrote:
Some time ago, Gnumeric grew an intensely annoying "feature": it assumes
that when I enter a string "foo", I really meant "Foo".  Or if I enter
"CDs", I really meant "Cds".  I think this is flamingly bogus and
totally wrong.  Is there any way to disable it in Gnumeric 1.0.10?

It is a completely optional part of the MS Excel feature called
'AutoCorrect' some people love it the rest of us get irrate at the
Tools -> AutoCorrect

will bring up a dialog that will let you configure just how
irritating.  In 1.1 I've trimmed the behavior to only start
completing after 3 characters even when you do enable the feature.

Apart from that, though, Gnumeric *rocks* -- well done all!
thanks.  1.1 is significantly better.  Lots of new toys and speed.

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