Re: printing suggestions

This has been reported before: see

Ys, I also think it'd be nice to fix this - but in the meantime, we
should correct the manual. As for "expr-entry widget": As far as I know,
this is the field that accepts range of cells as input; it can be
entered manually (A1:C10) or you can select a range of cells with the
mouse. Quite agree - jargon like this doesn't belong to the manual. But
I thought the manual was cleaned out - which version of Gnumeric do you


On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 09:28, Dan Drake wrote:
First, let me thank the Gnumeric developers; for a while, I used
StarOffice, but I never like it at all. I find Gnumeric much easier to

I have a couple suggestions for the print setup dialog. I'm a teaching
assistant in the math department at the University of Minnesota, and I
have to hand in gradebooks at the end of the semester (naturally I keep
them in Gnumeric) and I want to repeat columns on every page. The
spreadsheet looks like this:

Name         Homework 1      Homework 2
John Smith   10              8 ...
Jane Doe     9               9 ...

I'd like to repeat column A (the name) on each page, so in the Print
Setup -> Sheet dialog, I went to the "Columns to repeat on the left
side" box and typed "A" -- which doesn't work. It was only after a lot
of messing around that I figured out to put "A1:A65536" in that box to
make it work.

The online manual wasn't helpful; it would be nice if it included an
example to show you what kind of input is required. It would also be
nice if that dialog box accepted just letters, since that's the most
intuitive way of referring to columns.

Also, the manual refers several times to the "expr-entry widget". What
is that? It doesn't seem like the term is defined anywhere in the
manual, and I can't even find out what it is using a Google search!

Thanks a lot,


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