Re: Putting Columns In Order

You are going to use the sort functions (or the buttons that read "A->Z"
or vice versa). Selecting a button will bring up a dialog where you tell
it how you want to sort things.

The only subtlety is that you can sort the rows in several columns based
on the contents of only one column. So if "B" has words and you want
columns A-G sorted based on the alphabetic order of B, you select A1:G20
(20 is just a random example), click on "Data"->"Sort" and fill out the
dialog that pops up with column "B" and A->Z. 

In future, these kinds of questions can be answered more easily if you
tell us what version of the spreadsheet you are using. Gnumeric is
currently split between two versions and it helps us help you to know
which you are using.


On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 16:50, Kristen Perry wrote:
I've got several numbers located in Column "B" that I need to be put in 
order. How do I do this?


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