Re: Gnumeric solver bug?

On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 05:03:51PM +0200, Michal Kaukic wrote:
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We attempted to solve folloving one-row LP problem:

x1+2*x2+3*x3 -> max
subject to
x1+x2+3*x3 <= 8
x1,x2,x3 >= 0.

Gnumeric crashed with Segmentation fault
for initial solutions e.g. x=(0,0,0),(8,0,0)
and also for optimal solution x=(0,8,0).

We want to use Gnumeric instead of Excel in
teaching of operation research topics.

The Gnumeric worksheet we used is attached.
Maybe we made some mistakes? Or it is a bug
in Gnumeric? We used Gnumeric 1.0.6 on Debian

Thanks for the test case.  It exposed a couple of simple mistakes in
the solver's setup.  Things will work smoothly for 1.0.7.

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