[patch] Sleeping cells


I've attached a patch that puts cells into a 'sleeping' state.
This prevents them from recalculation unless specifically asked for.
Comments are welcome.

Diffed against 1.0.8

(Credits: Joost Helberg <joost snow nl>, 
Eric Methorst <arnalon xs4all nl>, me)

Floris Kraak
        "What shall we do?" said Twoflower.
        "Panic?" said Rincewind hopefully.  He always held that panic was
the best means of survival; back in the olden days, his theory went, people
faced with hungry sabretoothed tigers could be divided very simply into
those who panicked and those who stood there saying "What a magnificent
brute!" and "Here, pussy."
                -- Terry Pratchett, "The Light Fantastic"

Attachment: sleeping_cells_mstyle_v2.diff
Description: Text document

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