Re: gnubie questions

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 10:18:46PM -0400, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
There are 2 approaches.

Ugh.  I take from looking at the documentation that neither of these
is a general solution, because they only work within a fixed range.
Ie, if my row and column parameters can be arbitrarily large, I'm

I don't understand.  Each sheet has a maximum size.  Can you give me
an example ?
Beware neither is fully supported yet, things do not get
recalculated all the time.

Meaning I could get a stale value?
Yes.  I have not finished support for dynamic dependencies yet.
eg indirect(B3)
where B3 == 'A1

This would recalc if B3 changes
but not if A1 changes.
I hope to support this soon as it is necessary for the recently
added generated ranges

  - Is there any feature that would allow me to identify two or more
    cells with each other, requiring that they always have the same
    value?  I would want to be able to change any one of them, and
    have the others all change automatically.
I don't understand.

Say I link A1 and B2.  Then if I enter 5 in A1, both A1 and B2 get
value 5.  If I then enter 6 in B2, both A1 and B2 get value 6.
No.  This is not feasible.

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