Re: Bug report 1.0.8

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 11:37:37AM +1000, Strong, Russell wrote:
While SCROLLING through my spread sheet to check that my formulas spanned
the correct cells.  I noticed that the red cursor did not cover all the
cells in the equation ( sum ). It only covered the cells that were visible
at the time the cell was selected for editing.

I've created a patch that removes the clipping to the visible region of the
item cursor, and let the canvas clip the item.  I haven't noticed a speed
decrease by doing this, but I am guessing that this was put in place for a
reason? That said, you may or may not like to fix it this way:

eeep! we definitely need to clip.  There are X servers that do not
take kindly to drawing rectangles 64k rows high ...

This should get fixed as part of the fix to support the red
selection cursor with frozen panes.  Please file a bugzill report
and we'll get to it.

Thanks for the attempted patch

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