Re: incompatible Excelfiles (saved with gnumeric)

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 11:12:44AM +0200, lastThoughts gmx de wrote:
I have the following Problem:

I loaded an Excelfile with gnumeric, worked with it and saved it as Excel
95. Now I tried to open this File at work with Excel XP 2002, but it didn't
work. Star Offic is also unable to open the file, but gnumeric is able.
I've found, that in prior releases of gnumeric this "bug" exsisted, but
since I use 1.0.6 I thought it should be fixed.
It would be kind, if anybody can tell me how to fix this, or any of the
developer try to fix it. :o)

This is almost certainly just a mis-naming.  Make sure that you are
saving in XL95 format, and not just naming the file .xls.  We're not
as smart as I'd like about that.

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