RE: Excel/gnumeric function compat test sheet.

So much for optimisum. I have not been able to work anywere near as fast as
I would have liked to on this.  I at the moment do not have much more than
those three functions done.


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Subject: Excel/gnumeric function compat test sheet.

I am slowly putting together a workbook that tests each function that Excel
has.  It will be used to see how close gnumeric is to being a clone.  So
far, with some feedback from Jody, I have 66 tests for the first three
functions alphabetically from Excel 97.

Please feel free to e-mail the list with any of your favourite functions and
more specifically, excel sheets that have a test case that you want tested
or you know currently don't work.

I hope to be able to add a function per week or so.



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