Re: WK1 error: =A3+B2 becomes A3+B8194

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 10:18:34AM -0500, George Hein wrote:
HOWEVER: many cells had errors in pointing to other cells in
horizontal, always adding "8192".  Some bit must be on or turned on
in the conversion.  the WK1 file is accepted by 123-R5 and old excel
programs without any errors, but GNUMERIC fails with the "+8192".
Could you send us a sample of a workbook with that problem ?
ALSO: many cells would not show themselves unless I first
clicked-mouse on them and pressed enter as well.
What do you mean ?  This sounds like a bug in the lotus importer.

GNUMERIC does not like " " or "" fields in calculations, if this is
it I can live with it.
Can you give me an example ?

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