Re: The newest gnumeric 1.1.5 doesn't open Excel files

On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 09:01:07PM +0300, Uri David Akavia wrote:
The issue is pretty much explained in the title - is this just because
the file format isn't supported yet, deliberate, or a bug with me?
I'm using GARNOME 0.12.0 on Woody.

It is likely that you have accidentally disabled the excel plugin.
We have excellent support for reading xls files.  The latest release
in the 1.1.x branch (1.1.5) still uses libole2 to read excel files.
If the plugin is not available make sure that libole2 was installed
befre configuring gnumeric.  For the next release, 1.1.6, we have
replaced libole2 with libgsf.  The initial libgsf release will be
made at the same time.

Good Luck

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