Re: has no valid dlname?

Jody Goldberg asks:

Are you building with make -j ?

No, no -j is being used. This is what I'm doing to install gnumeric...

./configure --prefix=/usr --host=i386 --enable-shared --enable-static \
--disable-nls &&
cd src &&
sed 's/^LIBS = .*/LIBS = -L\/usr\/lib -lpng -ltiff -ljpeg/' Makefile > \
Makefile.jwm &&
mv Makefile Makefile.old &&
mv Makefile.jwm Makefile &&
cd .. &&
make &&
make install &&

(I'm doing the sed, because for some reason one of the *LIBS variables
isn't being passed to the libtool script to compile, and doesn't get the
graphics library inclusion. I'm not sure if I have screwed something up on
my system because I had to do that with a bunch of (Gnome) apps/utils,
for instance, gnome-games.)

Try doing a
    make clean

in the plugins/excel directory

I did that, and it built "successfully". Though, the still had no
dlname. I re-untarred the gnumeric tarball, and ran a configure only like
the line above. I went into plugins/excel, and did a make. It failed again
doing the following:

Merging translations into plugin.xml.
sh ../../tools/fixup-plugin-xml plugin.xml
../../tools/fixup-plugin-xml: File does not contain a recognized
make: *** [plugin.xml] Error 1

Will I have to do the make clean/make after it fails, and then continue
the main make so that it will go past this step?

Thanks again for all the help...
John McGinn

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