Gnumeric documentation is now XMLized

Hey guys,
        I am pleased/proud to announce that the SGML -> XML conversion for
Gnumeric has been completed.  What is in the HEAD branch in the
doc/C/new/ directory should build with _no_ errors.  I am getting one
warning, but I will fix that up a couple minutes after I get this typed
        I do have one issue.  There is a file called introduction.sgml.  Both
that and preface.xml seem to do the same thing.  What is the preferred
one?  I can convert introduction.sgml without a problem, but if they're
going to be redundant, why use them both?  Maybe we'd like to merge
them, to make it more complete?
        Jody, once we get that done, I'd like to wait a couple days before
moving the new/*xml stuff in doc/C/ and removing the SGML
documentation.  Is this okay with you?  However, the *xml stuff will
replace the *sgml stuff this week, that's a promise.

Thank you!

Kevin Breit

PS. What email clients do people use to read email?  Cuz sometimes I dig
typing HTML mail (easier sometimes to organize stuff) and I want to make
sure no one gets pissed at me.

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