Re: scrollbars

that was me ;-)

i would be willing to be walked through,
but i cannot start anything within the next 4 weeks.

if you want to have an example of what this could be used for,
go to

i really would love to have that in gnumeric

Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 03:25:36PM +0100, Erich Neuwirth wrote:
i am totally new to gnumeric,
but i am a relativly experienced excel user.

the one thing i am missing int the "widget" toolbar
is a scrollbar which i can drop on a worksheet and
connect to a slider.

i the archive, i found a lot of references to scrollbars,
but cannot understand yet how the sliders (i.e. scrollbars)
are created.

is there some documentations how a create a scrollbar
controlling the value of a cell and triggerinmg a recalc of the sheet
as soon as the slider is moved?

Wow this is old.  Strangely it just popped arrived today.  I suppose
@home is cleaning things out before dying.

The references you see to scrollbars are for the _sheet_ scrollbars.
They are the ones that move the cell viewport around.  There is no
way to embed an actual scrobar in the sheet the way you can embed a
checkbox.  However, this is actually quite doable as a project.  The
architecture for it is in place.  We could probably even import them
from XL without too much hassle.  If anyone is interested in this,
please contact the list and I'll walk you through which bits of the
checkbox code to clone.
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