RE: move and paste behaviour

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I've installed Gnumeric 1.0.1 from the GnomeHide RPMs for my sister,
and it works nicely for her use, she's especially happy about frozen
panes (no more hiding and unhiding columns).

She finds the behaviour wrt to formatting when she moves or copies
cells inconsistent.  Most irritating to her is the fact that the
formating is removed from the source even if the moved cell(s) are
using the default column (or row) formatting.

Slightly confused about the symptom here. Are you expecting that whatever
the formatting is on the cells before they were moved should be on the cells
after they are moved? 

 She also doesn't like
that she needs to use Paste Special all the time to copy the content

Gnumeric is only following the behaviour of Excel 97 and earlier.


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