Re: Gnumeric 1.0.0

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 17:49:21 -0500, Dave Reed wrote:
What version of libxml is required for gnumeric-1.0.0?

I've built the current Debian package against 1.8.16 .

gui-clipboard.o: In function `x_selection_handler':
/usr/local/src/gnumeric-1.0.0/src/gui-clipboard.c:292: undefined reference to `xmlFree'

On Debian, /usr/include/gnome-xml/xmlmemory.h (from libxml-dev 1.8.16-1) has

#define xmlFree(x) free((x))
#else /* ! NO_DEBUG_MEMORY */
void    xmlFree         (void *ptr);
#endif /* ! NO_DEBUG_MEMORY */

which amount to
#define xmlFree(x) free((x))

It looks like you wound up with the function declaration instead. 
Perhaps your xmlmemory.h lacks the first define, or your libxml-dev RPM is
out of sync with the libxml runtime RPM?

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