Re: Has Gnumeric considered wiritng an SPSS clone?

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Jim Robison-Cox wrote:

In jumping in here, I should say that I am a statistician, and not a big
fan of SPSS.  Gnumeric is great, in my estimation.
  Several projects to note:
R is a freeware statistics package, which is now as powerful as any
package i know of...

Agreed, and thanks for the references to R-gui projects.

One other project to throw in (declaration of "interest": I'm the
author) is gretl (  It's a combined
gui/scripting statistical package, which will import gnumeric data and
also export data in R-readable format, besides doing its own thing,
which is mostly econometric analysis.  GPL of course.

Allin Cottrell.

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