Has Gnumeric considered wiritng an SPSS clone?

Hello all.

Big thanks for the wonderful work you've done on Gnumeric.

I am a Med student, and we do some work on SPSS (for windows). I believe
that Gnumeric has a chance of being a clone to SPPS, with several
(minor) additions. This is because its statistics capability seem above
those of excel, and close to the capabilities of SPSS.

First of all, let me describe SPSS (as I remember it, if I'm wrong
please correct me. The last serious work I did with SPSS was in my first
year, in the obligatory course. I think that I might start using it more
soon.If this option becomes viable I will try to provide more info)
It has three parts:
1) Data insertion part, which is a simple spreadsheet (with unique
naming convections). In it, you can choose what analysis you wish to
perform on the Data.
2) The results part, in which you see a numerical as well as a graphical
representation of your results. For example, if you performed a T-test,
you will get a box with number of values tested, the results (under
different cirteria) and a graph showing the same values (more or less)
3) The Macro language, which was the most important part in the course,
and is important in research to prove your analysis. This language (not
a standard programing language) records all the data you inputed, as
well as all analysis you did. It allowed the instructer to simply run
through the Macro in order to check our work.

I believe that these parts can be implemented in Gnumeric, perhaps by
writing a slightly different GUI mode.
1) Gnumeric is a far more powerfull spreadsheet than the one I remember
from SPSS.
It has quite impressive statistical analysis.
2) While guppi hasn't been ported to GTK2 yet, it is a powerfull
graphing agent.

3) Gnumeric doesn't have Macro support yet, but I understand it is
planned. Once journaling/macros are implemented, I hope that it wouldn't
be to complex to support SPSS' language.
The GUI (including the one showing the results) would have to be
written. I don't know how difficult this will be.

What do you think?

Uri David Akavia

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