Re: Can gnumeric plot linear regression?

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 10:20:10PM -0500, Reuben D Budiardja wrote:

OK, this probably seems like a stupid question. But if this software can plot 
a linear regression line given a set of data, I really couldn't find it. 

Can anyone help me on this? If this software can't do that, can someone 
suggest me software that can do that?
I need something that can do linear regression, histogram, basic statistical 
analysis stuff.

Gnumeric has lots of facilities for doing regressions and other
statistical analysis.  However, its graphing abilities are not quite
ready yet.  I will be doing a release this weekend which will enable
graphs for the first time, but they we are barely scratching the
surface of what guppi has to offer.

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