Guppi 0.40.0-pre1 available

A tarball of Guppi 0.40.0-pre1 is now available at:

If I get good reports from the field, the official version 0.40.0 will
be released shortly.  If not, expect a 0.40.0-pre2.

This version of Guppi can be combined with Gnumeric 0.71 to allow
rudimentary graphs to be embedded into spreadsheets.  It should also
work with GnuCash.  It doesn't do much of anything on its own.

Since this is a "preview version", it is meant for people who sort of
know what they are doing.  Please refrain from packaging it: there will
be plenty of time for that when I put out 0.40.0.

All feedback is welcome.  I'm particularly interested in build problems
or other "showstoppers" that would absolutely have to be fixed before an
official release would make sense.


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