Re: Gnumeric 0.71

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Jody Goldberg wrote:

When I run gnumeric in gdb it doesn't crash on save, but the graph
file is not reconstructed when the spreadsheet is reopened:

I can not replicate that behavior with guppi CVS.  You may want to
ensure that you don't have an old guppi component installed.
Do a make install and oaf-slay to clear things out.

After oaf-slay I'm not seeing the crash on saving a sheet with a
graph.  But when I reopen the sheet the graph has no data points in
it, and when I right-click on it and look at "Data" I get the
aforementioned CORBA warnings on stderr, and a blank graph.

Maybe I'll try re-starting gnome and see if that helps.

Allin Cottrell.

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