Gnumeric 0.71

Gnumeric 0.70 aka 'Slicker than a greased pig in a Jello fight' is now available.

        This is a Major release for many reasons
        - Graphs are now a supported feature in the production build
        - It is significantly faster and smaller
        - We are now in feature freeze and preparing for
          an official stable release.  (There are a few pending patches)

    Graph support requires CVS guppi3.  A release will be made shortly to sync
    with gnumeric.  Many thanks to Jon Trowbridge for his tireless work on
    Guppi, and to the many new contributors to this release.

* New features

        * Enable XL import for graphs.                          (Jody)
        * Implemented Search.                                   (Morten)
        * Core support for validation and conditional formats.  (Almer)
        * Add a 'Fill' menu connection to auto-fill.            (Fairbairn)
        * Import/Export/Edit Hidden/Locked attributes.          (Jody)
        * Implemented querying in search-and-replace            (Morten)
        * Enable basic attributes importing shapes from XL.     (Jody)
        * an xml schema for .gnumeric files.                    (Marc Johnson)
        * MPS importer plugin implemented.  Reads a linear      (Jukka)
          program in MPS format and creates a spreadsheet model
          of it.  Currently, the bounds and ranges are not
          implemented yet.
        * Support gray scale patterns when printing.            (Wayne Schuller)
        * Support for translations in plugin.xml files          (Zbigniew)

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Make the gnumeric icon scale better.                  (Jakub Steiner)
        * Pull in more artwork from Evolution.                  (Jody)
        * Improve Header/Footer page for printer setup.         (Wayne Schuller)
        * improve the oleo importer.                            (Toralf Lund)
        * Add simple bucketing of range dependencies.           (Jody)
        * Fix regression                                        (Morten)
        * Fixed COUPNUM().                                      (Jukka)
        * Speed up font handling                                (Morten)
        * Simple recalc tuning speeds up by a factor of 2.      (Jody)
        * Basic just in time rendering for another factor of 2. (Jody)
        * Formating extensions and corrections.                 (Jody)
        * Speed up dependency handling                          (Morten)
        * Remove the eval queue.                                (Jody)
        * Eliminate deep recursion during dependency dirtying   (Morten)
        * Parse with assigned fmt before checking the builtins. (Jody)
        * Improve function documentation generator.             (Eric Baudais)
        * Sort the function names for the index generator.      (Jody)
        * Fix the python and python-loader modules.  (Work      (Morten)
          around mind-boggling bug in python.  Again.)
        * Rewrite descriptive statistics, correlation,          (Andreas)
          covariance, and rank analysis tool dialogs to use the
          gnumeric-expr-entry widget.
        * Cleanup the DOM based xml import/export utilities.    (Jody)
        * Various code cleanup                                  (Morten)
        * Remove irritating frame around bonobo objects.        (Jody)
        * Make the sheet object control points prettier.        (Jody)
        * Off by 1 pixel/pt error right/center alignment.       (Jody)
        * Improve sheet object menus.                           (Jody)
        * Reworked the Text Combo,                              (Jody)
        * Improve the Histogram tool slightly.                  (Jody)
        * Improve INDIRECT.                                     (Jody)
        * tweak some the engine for the D* functions.           (Jody)
        * Support protection in function CELL.                  (Jody)
        * Fix handling of mixed mode references.                (Jody)
        * Convert lines/arrows/boxes/ovals to StyleColor.       (Jody)
        * Correct sensitivity of menus & toolbars.              (Jody)
        * Sped up Gnumeric compilation                          (Zbigniew)
        * initial work on importing conditional XL formats.     (Jody)
        * Improve font handling for multi-byte environments.    (Yukihiro Nakai)
        * bump bonobo req to 1.0.8 to fix a memory problem.     (Jody)
        * bump the gnome-print req to 0.29

* Translations

        * ja (Yukihiro Nakai), pt_BR (Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira),
        da (Ole Laursen), pl (Zbigniew Chyla), sk (Stanislav Visnovsky),
        ca (Pablo Saratxaga), no (Kjartan Maraas), es (German Poo Caama?o),
        sv (Christian Rose), ru (Valek Filippov), hu (Andras Timar)

* Availability

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