Re: [gnumeric-list]more places to put 'autofit to selection width' command to

On Sun, Mar 18, 2001 at 01:26:55PM +0400, gnumeric-list-admin gnome org wrote:

 I find 'autofit to selection width' (or how it's called - sorry, I don't
remember) command very useful. In 0.63 it's only accessible from the menubar.
 I suggest to add that command to the popup menu appearing when user clicks on
the column title, or in any cell (just add word 'column' to the menu item
label so that it will be clear that entire column will be resized to fit
maximal column width).
This is already available by double clicking on the division
between columns.  I'd prefer not to clutter the context menu with
much more.  It is already a bit full.

 Also, the maximum column width estimation doesn't always produce correct
results for me wrt printed version - content of every cell in selection fits
the width of their columns on screen, but not in print preview and when

This is a known problem which doesn't have a simple solution.  The
issue is that fonts do not scale linearly.  A string that is 20
pixels wide with a screen font is not 20 pts wide with a printed
font.  The width changes a bit.  I'm working towards a solution for
this as part of supporting multiple zoom factors, but it is not high


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