[PATCH] proper i18n of printing for gnumeric


 Here is a patch against gnumeric-0.58 that will make printing i18n-friendly.
 It makes printing ideologically correct (rather than supporting ONLY
iso-8859-1 locales) - it will allow printing under any locale with any
encoding: printing should work on utf8 locales (not tested) and 8bit
non-latin1 locales too (tested with russian - ru_RU.KOI8-R under RedHat 6.2).
Of course correct fonts with required glyphs should be registered with
gnome-print and gnome-print should support their encoding (so gnumeric still
won't print under CJK locales - but only because gnome-print doesn't support

 The only additional function required by this patch is mbstowcs. It's
required by SVID 3, so there shouldn't be problems with it. All changes are

 Without this patch, gnumeric will be able to print only under latin1 locales
with iso-8859-1 encoding.

 It would be nice if this patch was included with gnumeric that is shipped
with gnome-1.4. What do you think?

 Best regards,

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