Re: Gnumeric file went south.

Rather than a prefix why don't you use a postfix along the lines of myfile.gnumeric~ This would have its benefits: It sorts together with the real file and its icon will be different, ie. people are unlikely to popen left over files and work with them to get multiple ...fixes.


Jon K Hellan wrote:

Zbigniew Chyla <cyba gnome pl> writes:

On Wed, 2001-06-13 at 23:10:27, Alan Eugene Davis wrote:

All my grades were in a gnumeric file, which file, partly due to
Gnumeric not having (AFAICT) a way to configure for backups at
periodic intervals, was lost when my disk filled up.

This reminds me some idea. Currently all file savers in Gnumeric just overwrite the file while saving. If we can't save for some reason (lost
connection to file server, Gnumeric/OS crash, etc.), we loose the data (the
old file is overwritten and the new one is unusable). How about saving the
file to <tmp_prefix>-<file_name> and then (if everything is ok) renaming it?
I volunteer to implement this for most savers.

Good idea. I take it that tmp_prefix doesn't mean /tmp. For renaming
to protect against a full disk, the temp file has to be in the same file

What about the case where user has write access to the file, but not
the directory it is in?

Prof. Dr. Andreas J. Guelzow Chair of Science
Concordia University College of Alberta

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