Re: gnumeric fonts

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 09:35:31PM -0400, Brandon Castagna wrote:
I built gnumeric released with Gnome-1.4 from source and, like previous
builds from src (from Gnome 1.2) I am only provided with the Symbols
font in gnumeric.  Someone mentioned in IRC that gnumeric relied on
gnome-print for its font lists, but my gnome-print does not appear to
have anything wrong with it.  Any assistance would be appreciated!

gnome-print is responsible for collecting the available fonts on the
system so that we can maintain some consistency between display and
printing.  If you are only seeing symbol font then the gnome-print
font installer is not finding the others.  Ensure that you have
ghostscript-fonts installed on your system and rerun the gnome-print
installation.   That should hopefully find things.

Good Luck,

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