[Fwd: Complex number catagory patch]

I was sent this in responce to my last patch that moved the complex
number functions to their own catagory.

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On Tue, 09 Jan 2001 07:34:21 +1000 Phillip J Shelton <shelton11 dingoblue net au> wrote:

Christmas is over, but I still have a feature request:

Here is the patches for puting the complex number functions into their
own catagory.

Besides this, when looking for the ability to count with complex numbers, I
examined the possible cell formattings. Under the menu Format|Cells, tab
Numbers I find: Common, Number, Currency, Date, Time, Rational, Scientific,
Text, ... but not Complex. Then I stopped looking for complex functions (I
shouldn't have). By now, I know complex numbers are represented as strings.

However, what I'd like is a format of its on for them. (Best where, if I
could choose between representations as (Re + i Im), (Re + j Im) for the
engineers and (Abs, Phase). Could this be implemented?


G Milde physik tu-dresden de

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