0.76 fails at dialog-stf-preview.c

While compiling gnumeric 0.76 it failes at dialog-stf-preview.c with 
"invalid type argument of `unary *'" on lines 157, 500 and 501.

I did make one modification to the source code: I increased the col
count and decreased the row count.

gnumeric.h - changed MAX_COL_SIZE to (5 ** 4) and MAX_ROW_SIZE to (12 **
sheet-style.c - changed TILE_SIZE_COL to 5 and TILE_SIZE_ROW to 12

This worked for me back under gnumeric 0.64

AMD K6 233
Red Hat 7.2

Downloaded 0.76 tarball from gnumeric home page.
ran ./configure
configure dies with libfrary X too old.
download and install latest library X
rm config.cache
repeat and die on next library.

finally completes with no errors, but no support for bonobo, guile,
etc.  All four options are "No".


die with the above error.

Any help appreceiated.

Bob Washburne
rcwash3 home com

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