Re: Strings need to be fixed

mån 2001-12-31 klockan 05.30 skrev R.I.P. Deaddog:
Just had a slight proofread of translation strings, and
found that some places need to be fixed, which are attached.
Is it ok to commit?

Please do NOT commit.  This would break translations.  Thanks for
the changes but they can not go in until 1.0.1.

Oops... they don't count as bug fixes? Anyway, all those changes are
not critical except the 1000 separator one.

At some point not even bug-fixing string changes should go in. Such
changes in general break translations and it is not realistical to
expect all translators to be able to update their translations with less
than a few days left, or only one day left, even if you should notify
them of your changes. It is fully reasonable to expect people to be away
from home a day or two sometimes.

If the intent is to have an as fully translated major release as
possible, it only makes sense to freeze *all* string changes that break
translations at least a few days in advance, or more. This was true for
the Evolution, Galeon, and Nautilus 1.0 releases too. The string bug
fixes can always go into an 1.0.x release, and then you have plenty of
time to give translators a warning in advance.

So I fully agree with Jody's decision.


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