Re: Autofill warning

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 03:07:13PM -0500, Alex Barnes wrote:
If I open a spreadsheet, enter a date such as 13-Dec-2001 in A1 and then
try to autofill down five rows, it puts 13-Dec-2001 in all the cells. 
Should it increment the date by one each time?
No, the default behavior when handling singletons has been changed
to match XL and copy.  I've also put machinery in place so that
after 1.0 we can make incrementing singletons possible from the GUI.
** WARNING **: Please report this warning and detail the autofill
setup used to generate it.
No worried this is a result of my being pedantic and missing this
case.  The patch will go in tonight.
I hope my implementation of reverse-autofill didn't inadvertantly cause
Nope, that caused a whole different crash :-)


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