FIXED! Re: 0.76 fails at dialog-stf-preview.c

What, you mean m4 can't understand exponentials?!?  That's what I get
for only messing with code once every other year :-)

But you were right.  I changed the gnumeric.h #defines to simpler math
and everything worked.

I now have a spreadsheet which can have a column for each day of the

Morten Welinder wrote:

   gnumeric.h - changed MAX_COL_SIZE to (5 ** 4) and
                   MAX_ROW_SIZE to (12 ** 4)
   sheet-style.c - changed TILE_SIZE_COL to 5 and TILE_SIZE_ROW to 12

   This worked for me back under gnumeric 0.64


You're right, that syntax couldn't have worked.  I must have used the
actual constant value.  The evidence was destroyed when I formatted the
hard drive for RH 7.2, leaving me with only my notes to go by and an
ancient email from Jody indicating that the values had to be of the form
x**4 else other things would break.

But you can try (5 * 5 * 5 * 5) and (12 * 12 * 12 * 12).


Thanks for the help.

Now I'm off to figgure out how freeze frames work...

Bob Washburne

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